An employee of a cleaning company brings her puppy to work and dresses him in his own uniform.

Cleaning Worker Takes Her Puppy During Work Day, Dressed Him With His Own Uniform

A woman came across a funny moment of a clean worker and her rescued puppy cleaning the city together. No matter what you do, you should take care of your dog in the best way ever, and that’s what Hilda does for her dog, Chato, after taking it to her work to keep it with her all the time.

Ruth Hernández, the woman who saw the cleaning worker and her dog, took a video of the moment and shared it on TikTok to let people know the best to take care of your dog. The video went viral directly getting thousands of likes, views, and comments.

Ruth wrote in the description that Hilda, the cleaning worker, adopted Chato from the street of Cieneguilla, Lima, Peru. Since then, she takes the puppy with her wherever she goes even in her working hours. How adorable! Watch the video below posted on TikTok

@ru7hh Cc veas limpia la ciudad, ya sabes a quién se debe. #Cieneguilla #doglover #petlovers #amigofiel@Cristhian Valencia I ♬ el que use este audio es normal – Nei

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