Winter-Loving Dog Gets Snow Delivered Especially For Her Last Play Before She Passes Away

Snow Delivered Specially For Winter-Loving Dog To Have Her Last Play Before She Passed Away

This story speaks about Maggie, a very ill dog, who loves winter very much.

Elijah Lee Saltzgaber, one of the dog’s parents who live in Utah’s Salt Lake City, decided to let his dog great final moment by bringing a shaved ice machine to build a snowbank for Maggie.

The couple’s dog is scheduled to be put down on Monday, and they requested the shaved ice machine on Friday in hopes they could collect 10-20 gallons.

Amazingly, Salt Lake Country Parks and Recreation donated gallons of ice for Maggie, after seeing the request.

The snow was taken to Maggie’s family’s backyard, and it was put in the shade, so, she could have as much time as she could play with it.

The center also shared photos of Maggie’s last moments with a signboard ‘Maggie’s snow’. You can also see how much Maggie enjoyed the snow with her parents.

The couple also shared many photos on their social media accounts of Maggie’s last moments. It was a very heartwarming moment for Maggie to be able to play with the snow before being put down due to cancer. RIP Maggie.

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