Judges thought 68-year-old woman is too old for the song, but she dropped their jaws with her performance…

The judges were in for a big surprise in 2018 when the bespectacled 68-year-old Jenny Darren took the Britain’s Got Talent stage.

Instead of singing a ballad, Darren went back to her roots and rocked the panel, presenters, and audience members with AC/Highway DC’s To Hell.

Thankfully, a video of her triumphant comeback to the rock scene was made and has received over 13 million views online, allowing the entire world to witness it.

The experienced singer initially took the stage on Britain’s Got Talent looking like your everyday grandma with a cardigan that was buttoned up. She shocked everyone by unbuttoning her cardigan and changing into a black leather rocker outfit.

As she started her performance, the entire crowd, including the judges Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams, and Simon Cowell, was so quiet that a pin could have dropped anywhere in the room.

She started belting out AC/iconic DC’s song Highway to Hell in typical rocker form, much to the excitement of the audience, who were undoubtedly anticipating something more subdued.

The audience applauded the vocalist once she finished her performance.

Jenny Darren had a passion for singing and listened to musical legends like Jimmy Page since she was just 12 years old. She has made four albums of her own, four of which feature Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrian, and at one point in her life even sung backup vocals for AC/DC, according to The Radio Times.

The Birmingham resident thought it was time to return to what had previously brought her such joy after retiring.

To see the entire spectacular performance, watch this video.

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